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self portrait #2

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figure I’d start blogging my photography, since I got my new camera

This is awesome – Left4Dead Smoker

10BestThings.com goes Live!

Well one of my work related projects went live recently so I thought I’d share. 10BestThings.com is now available for all your list making needs! Its a really cool site with a great user interface so please check it out. It lets you quickly and easily create lists of your favorite things, or most hated things! Whatever you want really. You can then easily share them with others, remake their lists, etc.

Here’s one of mine: Favorite Places for Vegan Food in Philadelphia

End of Year – Time for an Update

Once again I managed to neglect my site, but I actually have some things I’d like to talk about. Oh and somehow my style sheet seemed to get fucked up. Not sure how or why, but I apologize for the weird sizing.

I’ve had many game ideas on the back burner for awhile now, but now that things have settled down a bit with my new job I’ve made some progress. I have been working on a simple (but somewhat difficult) casual strategy game. It was meant to be a small demo game of sorts, that would lead into my next project that has a similar theme. But since the development has been coming along so fast I decided to flesh the idea out a bit and make it a small but full fledged game.

I hope to have to completed and ready for release on PC & MAC by the end of the year. I am then going to port it over using XNA and release it for the xbox 360 via their creator’s club. This is exciting stuff and I hope in the end its well received. Once the game is ready to be shared with the public I will be launching the game development section of the brainrotcollective.

As always, I’ll post updates as they come.

new videos

i’m having a little trouble embedding the videos on the site, it seems to break the style sheet. so go here for now to view my stuff.

macbook pro

i recently purchased a macbook pro so i could take my code development tasks on the road with me. this has also afforded me the opportunity to encode some video i’ve been meaning to do for awhile now. i’ll be focusing on the Misfits cover band i played in a few halloweens ago. stay tuned for some embedded vids once i get them all sorted. after that, expect some Near Dark footage and a ton of hardcore shows from the last 8 years or so.

mini update

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new, so I thought I’d make a quick update. First, the NEAR DARK vinyl has finally been shipped and the record will be available next month! I guess October is a fitting month for our release.

Also, I’ve been working on a bunch of programming projects lately – mostly of the C++ variety, and all relating to games : ) I read about GAMMA 256 a few weeks ago and thought it sounded like great fun. So, I came up with a few ideas for the contest and I will be focusing on their development as soon as I put the finishes touches on my current one. As usual, I will post any updates/developments here.

Wing Commander – RETRACTED

Ok I must retract any enthusiasm I had about the XBLA version of “Wing Commander”. Checkout the gameplay vids here. Why do people insist on making really shitty games (and movies) then also decide to tarnish a great franchise by attaching its name to the bullshit. Fuck this game.

Commodore returns to the gaming world

Our old friend Commodore plans to get back into the gaming market. They plan to build high-end PC’s for gamers who want top-end performance but don’t feel like putting the rig together themselves. Checkout the article here.